Thursday, January 28, 2010

Because who doesn’t need chocolate?

I have been so eager to post about these little beauties. I won some lovely gourmet bonbons from Trish at Off Camera With Trish Van Pilsum. The tasty little treats come from Alma Chocolates out of Portland, OR. I was able to choose 10 bonbons from their very diverse selection! I’ve never had such fancy chocolate, I told Trish the height of my chocolate experience is See’s Candy, which don’t get me wrong is wonderful, but this is a whole new level of chocolate!

The bonbons arrived in a cute little box:IMG_8204a

along with a gold sheet detailing which bonbons were included. Here’s a peek inside:


Here’s what I got: (top L to R) Mexican Chocolate Truffle, Chloe Truffle, Sabrina, Habanero Carmel Crown, Mint Meltaway, Ginger Ginger, Cardamom Burnt Sugar Sesame, Meyer Lemon, Thai Peanut Butter Cup, and a Rosemary Fleur de Lys. Throughout the week I’ll be sharing with you what I thought of each of these delectable goodies with “A Chocolate a Day”. Yum!!

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angie said...

I lived in Portland and never tasted those. They look wonderful.