Friday, January 8, 2010

oh so many Fragments...

So, its Friday Fragments time. Since I'm still without internet access while we aren't home you'll have to imagine a cute button that links you to Mrs.4444's blog . I have sooo much to unload an you people its not even funny. Where to begin?
•First, I'm blogging from a Blackberry and I am still trying to figure out a way to sneak in some pictures.
•Our house is still cold and waterless. We are still living out of town. I collected the kids' homework for the week.
•Max stuck his tongue to a pole a few weeks ago. I went into the post office, the kids elected to play outside for a moment. Next thing I know Aria is running in freaking out and exclaiming "I told him not to!". I had to ask for warm water to rescue him.
•Aria spent the night at a friend's house. They were allowed access to YouTube, her mom was in the same room keeping tabs. What mom saw was a dancing gummy bear. She turned away while the video changed into a car driving down a wooded highway (have you seen this one?), then a scary mummy-looking thing pops up and scares the CRAP out of you. She FREAKED. Aria hasn't spen more than a handful of nights in bed alone since. I can't blame the mom, she saw the beginning and its tame. You can search it at YouTube under Gummi Bear scary funny. I found it and if I were at home I'd post it. I just hope she gets over this, I'm tired!
•I keep saying the dog has terrible poop breath. Turns out I wasn't too far from the truth. I caught her snacking directly from the toilet. When I busted her, she dropped her prize and ran. I had to keep from barfing and I cleaned it up. Gah! I'll never look at her the same!
•JC can say "cookie" and its the cutest thing in the world. He can also spot cookies from 100 yards away and gets mad when all his yelling "cookiecookiecookie!" Does no good!
•I figured this one out in the shower: Did you know Givenchy is pronounced "jee-vahn-SHAY"? Am I the last to know? Guess I never gave it much thought. I've seen the name for years, but I've never had to say it out loud (why would I?). I suppose that's what actual time alone to think produces? Weird randon thoughts?
•Did I mention I met MckMama in person, AT HER HOUSE?! I'd link to my post about it, but I'm still on a Blackberry.
•I won some fabulous looking BonBons from Trish at . She is a reporter for FOX in Minneapolis whom I met at MckMama's party. Her writing is lovely and I encourage you to stop by! She sponsors her own giveaways, isn't that sweet!? I was just commenting on a post, I didn't even realise it was a giveaway, too! I'll post all about the exotic chocolates when they arrive!
•I have more, most of which require pictures. Also, my thumbs are getting cramped up from this teeny keyboard. I'm still on Twittwer and FaceBook if I seem a bit scarce around here! Here's to internet access soon!!


mimbles said...

Dogs are gross. I have to make sure I get to the cat litter tray in the morning first or our staffy helps herself. Ick.

Hope it's not too much longer before you're back on home turf!

Kristina P. said...

I can't believe he stuck his tongue to the pole!

And I did know about the Givenchy thing.

mub said...

Ugh, I hope you'll get warmth and water to your house ASAP! I don't want you to get an RSI from typing too many blog posts on your Blackberry ;)

Anonymous said...

You are a trooper dealing with all the upset.

Very cool that you met MckMamma.

May the exotic chocolates arrive in time to give you some more support (and relief from dog breath).