Monday, January 25, 2010

Its NOT ME living in a van down by the river

It’s time for another installment of “Not Me” Monday at MckMama’s.  I don’t do these too often, but I had a few things to “Not” get off my chest.  As if I did these sort of things.  Which I don’t…

I DID NOT spend the last 3+ weeks living at various houses with the kids.  Every time enjoying the gracious hosts but much more wishing I was at home instead.

I DID NOT feed my kids take-out all weekend because, well, we’re not home.

I DID NOT post to my Facebook account that we’re “living in a van down by the river” (to which some people laughed, others offered rooms!)

I DID NOT forget to mail out several Etsy orders from my Etsy shop.  I would NEVER wait so long to get my stuff in order, homeless or not!!

I DID NOT spend a night alone in a hotel with my husband….. while the kids were staying at someone else’s house!!

I DID NOT conceive baby #5 in said hotel room.  Really.  Did not.  I’m still holding to 4 is plenty.

I DID NOT order pizza at 10 am with my husband the next morning.

I DID NOT scream at the TV during the Vikings NFC game last night.  I don’t do that sort of “boy” stuff.

I DID NOT drive all the way back to our little town in questionable weather just to drop the kids off for school only to find out the next morning school had been cancelled due to weather.

I DID NOT hear that the schools were closed and promptly log in to see if the movie theaters were ALSO closed.  I’d never go out in such weather just for a movie!!

I DID NOT take some of my Project 365 photos from my camera phone.  I have a great camera, why would I use that crap-quality phone unless I was just being lazy?

I DID NOT forget the cord for my camera so I can’t upload my recent pictures anyway.

I AM NOT going completely insane and wishing I was back in my own home with ALL my kids.


GRAMEE said...

oh my...i haven't been reading blogs in a while.. and you still are not home!! your poor family!!

someone said only in Az. would they cancel school due to rain.. they didn't see it here it was nasty!!
no roads were passable.

Joy said...

I think a movie on a school-closed day is a fabulous idea!
So you're pregnant or not?!?

Ellen said...

I have the same question as Joy!!! Here's my NOT ME of the day: I did NOT try to return a bunch of stuff at Target I knew full well I did not buy there, but still made like I was surprised when I didn't have the receipt.