Monday, January 4, 2010

This is not the post I had intended on…


What I had intended to post today was a great little run down of our new years fun at the relative’s place in Wisconsin.  I have tons of pictures and recipes to share.  I wanted to show you the “Snow Pops” we made.  I intended to do that today.  Instead I am posting an update to our situation.

We came home to a cold house.  We discovered that the boiler that heats our home had finally taken its last breath.  The –30 degree weather stole into the house quickly and froze most of the pipes.  We were able to use space heaters to temporarily get water moving and shut off.  After it rained in the kitchen, that is.  The pipes that were the worst were right above the kitchen, exactly where we had unloaded our suitcases, presents and bags.  Most of the gifts were salvaged, only slightly wet.  My suitcase, with my husband’s and my things in it was filled with water, so I had to wring everything out and pack it in a plastic bag to wash somewhere else.  We took everything we could back out to the van to stay with relatives.  We contained the water, got a plumber out to tell us he wouldn’t touch it, and shut the water off.

Because we live in a little town, the local plumbing/heating guys are not equipped to tackle this type of boiler work.  Our electric boiler still works, so I called the electric company to switch it to our main source of heat (right now it’s off-peak, meaning it only comes of certain hours of the day).  Now, we will switch temporarily over to the electric heat and decide what type of heating we want to install for the future.  Until we get it all installed, we’ll probably be at our relative’s home.

I am not freaking out.  I am fairly calm.  I’m probably calm enough for someone to misinterpret as not understanding the situation.  Believe me, I understand fully, but freaking out will not help the kids.  What they know is that the heater is broken and in the mean time they get to stay at their cousin’s and miss a few days of school.  Score!

The bad:

  • no more boiler
  • frozen pipes
  • water on the main floor (not that much)
  • cold house
  • living temporarily at in-laws
  • Husband JUST quit his job
  • this is the coldest it’s been here all season
  • (and, um, limited internet…hello coffee shops!)

The good:

  • insurance will cover most of the damage, but we probably will be paying for the new heater
  • nothing is beyond repair, except the boiler
  • my sister-in-law and family rock and were willing to take us in on short notice
  • I’ve had friends call to let us know we’re welcome there as well
  • Hubby’s job will let him take more hours after his official “quit” date
  • our kids are adaptable and easy going, they aren’t even stressed out a bit
  • our Lord provides for us even in the worst of circumstances and that’s probably why I’m not freaking
  • we have some savings, we were planning on replacing the heating system, just were hoping for spring first
  • every day should get better from here, right?


Joe and Leanna said...

OH NO!! I really wish I lived close enough to offer you to stay with know you still could! ;-) Maybe this is a sign y'all should move here? Com'on ...just do it! lol
Fine...since I know you won't I will just send my hugs and prayers. Love you guys!

Joe and Leanna said...
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Joe and Leanna said...

Sorry about that! For some reason that posted the sane thing I deleted one. =]

Anonymous said...

I might be calm when needed, then major freak-out later. You are a better woman than I.

Hoping this is your full measure of the bad for this year.


mimbles said...

Yeesh. Thank goodness you had somewhere to go. My deepest sympathies, this sounds like the stuff of nightmares to me. Though I suspect I'd react much as you have - after all there's not much point running around panicking is there?

I hope the repairs can be done swiftly and that the expense is manageable, I'll be thinking of you!

Sarah said...

OH my goodness!!!! Glad you are calm & not freaking out! I would probably be the same as you though for the sake of the kids! Hope you can get everything taken care of be settled back at home soon!

Martha in PA said...

I'm sorry, I missed this post. Wow, that's a lot to deal with! You are taking it amazingly well!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh dear.

Mrs4444 said...

I love your attitude. Still, I'm praying for you :)