Wednesday, January 6, 2010

What I love most


What I love is a cup of coffee in a book store.

What I love is Aria, begging not for a book but for model dragon set with paints.

What I love is that my husband gave me two dollars to watch what he wanted to watch (even though I’d have changed the channel anyway).

What I love is my Blackberry that keeps me from complete internet withdrawl.

What I love is my husband who wants to get me alone in a room when even though there’s not a room alone to be found….and I’m wearing long-johns. (hee hee!)

What I love is my money pit house, even in disrepair.

What I love is my bed, and I really miss my bed.

What I love is that my kids get along so well with their cousins on all sides.

What I love most is my family, who are always there no matter what.



Laura said...

How cute! I love the money thing, I am so going to use that one on my hubby! :)

Laura said...

Also, adorable picture...what a bunch of cuties!