Friday, January 15, 2010

Getting it all out there

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Mommy's Idea
  • Day 14 of being homeless.  Not sure what I’m talking about? The story is HERE.
  • Max and Aria stayed with his teacher in town this week so they could go to school.  I am sooo grateful to Mrs. M for that!  I wonder how they will remember this whole experience? I’m hoping its all no big thing.
  • JC has been sleeping poorly, and in turn so have I.  JC, Piper and I are at my BFF’s this week.  I have him in the pack-n-play in my room.  Apparently a thin foam covered piece of plywood is not comfortable for babies to sleep on…who would have thought?  Unfortunately, there isn’t another room for him to be in, or a crib, so we’ll have to stick it out a little longer.
  • I’ve been doing Project 365 on Flickr.  Did you start one?  It’s a picture a day for a year.  You can see the set HERE.
  • Before Christmas, the Canadian Pacific Railroad Holiday Train came through town.  It comes every year decorated in cool lights through little towns along the railway line.  They stop and open up one of the cars for a concert right there on the tracks!  Our town collects food donations for the local food pantry and the Fire Department serves free hot cocoa and doughnuts.  You need lots of hot cocoa…the train usually get here around 9pm and seems to always be the coldest day of December.  This year it was about –10 degrees I think.  I didn’t bring the kids out this year, its a little chilly to stand around past bedtime for a concert.  We live close enough that I could hear it outside, though!!

IMG_7110 IMG_7106

IMG_7108 IMG_7109

IMG_7098 IMG_7112

Here’s a video from the 2006 train.  I had recorded a song during the concert, too, but the audio didn’t really work, I think it was too loud for my little camera.

  • I’m planning on revamping my Etsy shop this week.  Stop by!!! I’ll have new inventory, too!
  • I will also be having a few giveaways soon, yaay!!
  • After my first sad attempt, I made Snow Pops once again with my BFF this time.  They turned out SO much better!  We’re making some coated in dark chocolate tonight!!!


  • We spent all of last week at my sister-in-law’s place.  The week went fast.  It was nice to have the kids together.  Of all the cousins, these are the closest in age to our kids and they really got along well. Can you tell which ones are mine?!


  • Don’t forget to send up some prayers for the people and volunteers in Haiti.  My friend Erin (you saw her in the pics from MckMama’s party) was there during the quake, we’ve heard from her and she’s safe!  I just hope they can do some good and get back home!


♥Georgie♥ said...

so much has happened since I have been MIA....I am sorry to hear you all have been displaced due to weather and broken boilers...that is awful...if we lived closer i would so open our home to you and your family!

mub said...

Gosh, I'm sorry you're still not back home. That's wonderful that Mrs M could take Max and Aria for the week though.

I think that the Holiday Train looks like SO much fun!

Anonymous said...

What an awesome teacher!

Joe and Leanna said...

Awww...isn't Georgie the sweetest? Must be the Okie in us 'cause I would do the same! Hugs girl!

Mrs4444 said...

Wish I could help you with the house stuff.

Love those little lollipops! I'm going to have a giveaway in a week or so; maybe I could make those for part of it.

That train is awesome. What a fun memory for kids!

Off to see your pics :)