Wednesday, February 3, 2010

A Chocolate A Day #6 – Meyer Lemon

I won some lovely gourmet bonbons from Trish at Off Camera With Trish Van Pilsum. The tasty little treats come from Alma Chocolates out of Portland, OR. The sixth chocolate is the Meyer Lemon.

meyerlemon Usually I don’t choose the lemon flavor of anything. It reminds me of lemon-scented cleaning products. I didn’t choose this bonbon either, it was a substitute for another. At first I thought I got another Ginger Ginger (yay!), but the gold is dusted on instead of in flakes, telling me this was the Meyer Lemon. Once again I was pleasantly surprised. The dark chocolate was smooth and creamy and there was just the right amount of lovely organic lemon to flavor it. It was very very yummy! Whew!

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Anonymous said...

I am absolutely certain this is the one I'd eat a whole box of. *wiping the corner of my mouth*