Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Scoop

The heat is on!  Literally.  The new boiler is installed and after 3 days of repairing leaks to the heating lines and plumbing lines we have a warm house.  In fact I turned the heat down a bit last night, it was exciting!!  We lost a few radiators to the leaks as we had to remove some lines that were just un-repairable.  We currently have one (of 3) working toilets, and in a separate bathroom we have a shower and sink.  We also have one kitchen sink (of 2) working.  The house is functional at least, just a bit inconvenient.  Its dirty, too.  The necessity of cutting into ceilings to get at plumbing left a huge mess.  The plumbers removed the big stuff, but the floors are covered in dirt, water, and insulation.  I won’t let the kids walk on the first floor without shoes until we can really scrub.  We’re at a lull right now as we transition from the “boiler guys” to the “plumbing guys” since two different jobs are being paid for differently.


The old boiler came out in pieces.  They said as soon as they started to lift it out it just fell apart.


Looking out the window into the back yard, you can see the chunks of rust that was our boiler.


Our entry way is filled with fallen, wet insulation (we use the back anyway) and my floors look terrible!

IMG_8585a IMG_8589a

They used a shovel to clean my kitchen.  They threw away all our swimming towels!!! I was using them to contain all the water on the floor before they arrived.

IMG_8588a IMG_8590a

It took 3 days to track down every leak and seal the system.


The pair of pipes he was working on weren’t salvageable, they ran floor to ceiling, we cut them out completely.


The shiny new boiler system up and running!

We have a ways to go yet, but at least we’re home.


Kristina P. said...

Baby steps! That's great!

♥Georgie♥ said...

wow...I havent been by in a while and am obviously a little glad you got the new boiler put in...look at all your hardwoods...i am jealous!

Jennifer said...

I know is has been a tough 2010 for you so far. I'm so happy for you to be back home sweet home!

Anonymous said...

Mostly good news, Mel. Happy to read you are home with heat and partial water support. Sorry to see the mess, but being home is definitely progress! Barbara