Thursday, February 4, 2010

A Chocolate A Day #7 – Mint Meltaway

I won some lovely gourmet bonbons from Trish at Off Camera With Trish Van Pilsum.  The tasty little treats come from Alma Chocolates out of Portland, OR.  The seventh chocolate is the Mint Meltaway.

mintmeltaway I seriously love mint and chocolate.  I could eat a whole package of those after dinner mint chocolates in a sitting with no problems.  I could have also eaten a whole box of a certain Girl Scout cookie, too. So of course I was seriously excited to choose this particular bonbon.  It was just as I had hoped and more… smooth chocolate and peppermint oil that was cool and delicious.  With some of the other bonbons I shared a corner with my husband, but not this one.  It was all mine, and it was fabulous.  Seriously.

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