Monday, January 5, 2009

Not Me Monday - Baby Goodness

It's been a long weekend, and I'm sure there are things you are guilty of doing that you feel the need to come clean about. Well here at NOT ME MONDAY you can NOT own up to all of it, I mean who would?? See what others would NEVER do at my charming kids.

I DID NOT have a good Sunday. I never do. They always end up like the last one. I look like the end of every cheesy "Cathy" comic strip. Me, my hair frazzled and standing up, exclaiming "Ack" while the kids circle in a storm cloud at my feet. Why have a decent one now? Not me!
I DID NOT leave a sippy I found full of chunky milk on the counter to clean in the morning. Who does that? I ALWAYS do ALL the dishes before I go to bed. Leave something that gross for morning?? Not me!
I DID NOT pop in a VHS tape just to record a news program featuring an 8-year-old breastfeeding and a piece on orgasmic birthing. I mean really, who wants to watch that spectacle?? It's like watching a car accident, you just can't look away. And since the kids are up I can't give it my full attention, I mean if I were actually going to watch it. I would have to record it. But I didn't. Not me!
I DID NOT take a million pictures I'll probably never print, just because. I always print ALL the photos I take, and just a few at that. Who has the room to keep all those? Not me!
Hand over the camera and no one gets hurt.
Finally I DID NOT give up an hour's sleep just to watch JC drool on my shoulder, soaking up all his baby goodness, knowing that he is the last baby in the house. Who has time for that? Sigh....not me.

Later that Monday....
It seems breastfeeding keeps coming up around here. Over at Two of a Kind, Working on a Full House there is a giveaway for Hiccup's diaper cases and a review of the nursing cover. They are VERY cute and would be super handy. I hope you will check them out.
When I had #1 I vowed to breastfeed as long as I could, but at least 6 mos, pumpng when I returned to work. It was a struggle at first, I think in part due to a Brachial Plexus Injury she suffered. Because of the pain she was in, she was a poor breastfeeder. But I kept on working with her and she turned out to be a great eater! Not only that, I found that I am a dairy farm and by 6 months probably had another 3 months' worth of milk in the freezer. It was so nice for us that I contunued to nurse her until 15 mos when I had an asthma attack that landed me in the ER and on oral steroids. I would gladly have resumed, but after the round of steroids and no direct breast feeding, she wasn't interested any more. The next 3 kiddos were all great eaters, except JC's recent issues which have all pretty much resolved. They've all been weaned about 15 mos. I would happily feed them until about age 2...then...I don't know.
I can totally see the attraction of nursing longer. The closeness and affection is great, I miss it when it's over. On the other hand, it's nice to have my body back. To be able to drink if I want, to take aspirin (migraines are no match for my Excederin Migraine!). The other night was a news show with a segment I have actually seen before (thanks to hospital training) about a British mom still nursing her 8-year-old daughter. A mom from the states (Alabama?) still nursing her 5-year-old boy. While I can see the attraction, ugh. No thanks. Mom is sitting on one end of the couch and her large 3rd grader is stretched out the length of it with her head under mom's shirt. No thanks.
So here's the questions...Did you breast feed? How long did you, or do you plan to do it? When is a child too old?


Cathy said...

An 8 year old breastfeeding??? That is something I would (not) have to see! Great list...and love the cute pictures, especially the last one with their eyes closed! Sweet!

Dee said...

CUTE pictures! And dont you just LOVE those chunky milk sippy cups? YUCK!

Jena9286 said...

I leave chunky sippy cups for Chris. And I hear you on watching J sleep. I am having a hard time wiht my last one growing up. Maybe that is why he still nurses! Yikes!

Anonymous said...

You go right on ahead and soak up that baby goodness while you can!

Keri said...

Just in case I've forgot to mention it... Your children are beautiful! BTW, I'm a photo fanatic myself. What kind of camera do you use? Your pictures are awesome!