Saturday, November 8, 2008

Stinky Baby

I missed my chance to sign up for NaBloPoMo this month. The rules are to post every day in the month, but being the slacker I am its already day 8 and I should have looked into it earlier. So I will try to finish out the month in preparation for next year.

It turns out JC is still a crappy breastfeeder. I have never bottle fed a breastfed baby so much. It's all breast milk, mind you. Perhaps I am just making it worse, but the kid will not starve under my watch! I stuck it out the first week, nursing him around the clock, barely sleeping. He never acted satisfied and it seemed my milk took longer than usual to come in. In reality, I think he just doesn't have a good enough suck, and he's lazy. I can STILL let him nurse for 1-2 hours, then pump 4-6 ounces and bottle feed. I'm a big ol' pacifier!! I've been offering him the breast every day, but he's still not getting it out. I am sure his latch, positioning, tongue are all correct. I've breastfed 3 others, I help new moms at work all the time. I'm stumped. In the mean time, the bottle arrangement seems to work. My Medela Pump in Style is worth its weight in sheets, that I can sleep on due to a well fed baby.


Jena9286 said...

Sorry to hear about the breastfeeding struggles. I would feel the exact same way though. Actually when we were trying to get Aaron to nurse in the hospital, I was really defeated as you said, I nursed 3 babies I can get this. Hope he figures it out. Sorry your breastpump is your best friend! :)

Joe and Leanna said...

Hmm...I will have to shoot for next year too...I didn't have a clue. Also, I will be starting my own 'personal' blog (I'll let you know when I get it up and rolling) and will 'try' to post there every day since it is not limited mostly to facts/fun for Cole.

I feel for you...I pumped forever hoping to breastfeed Cole. I have to say..I felt like a cow...literally. ;) We were lucky to get him to even be able to suck a bottle good enough and with all the other time consuming responsibilities, once I went back to work (3 months later)I switched him to formula.