Sunday, November 9, 2008

Why do Sundays drive me insane??

First, a story. Yesterday Daddy heard MD kicking the screen door (from the outside, so he was in effect kicking it more closed) a habit he learned from us as we have to kick it open when the moisture swells the door frame. MD could not get in. Daddy opened the door to find MD in full snow gear playing outside and now ready to come in. He also found PM. PM had on bare feet in AM's large shoes, pants and a sweatshirt. She was freezing and crying. We have no idea how long she'd already been out and we assume she followed MD when he went out to play. It was about 32 degrees. Had MD not been kicking the door we could have left her out there for hours. As it was her hand was bright red and ice cold. Her left hand was in the clam-shell thingy so it stayed warmer. Her toes were pretty icy also. I wrapped her in a blanket and sat next to the space heater while she cried that her hand hurt as it warmed up. I am scared to think what would have happened if Daddy had not heard MD. I see how easily something like this happens, we are by no means negligent parents! Last winter a 2-year-old from the area was found frozen to death just outside his parent's home. They figure he got up at night and managed to let himself out. It's terribly sad, heartbreaking. PM was fine, but 10 more minutes would probably have meant frost bite on those little fingers.

They look pretty benign, right?

As for Sundays. Grrr... I have a job at church. I run a computer in the back that displays slideshow style lyrics for hymns and stuff during the service. This post has recently fallen entirely into my lap as my friend who worked it with me has decided to leave the church. With no trainees I can't be late or miss a service. This morning I was late. Well, not actually late, but close enough to not allow for things to go wrong, which they did. As I displayed lyrics to songs full of misspelled words (ugh! how embarrassing when everyone knows its me back there alone, no one to blame) my 3 biggest kids are tipping crap over behind me and whispering to me as loudly as they can. The pastor even made a comment about the disturbances, although I'm not entirely sure it was aimed at me and the kids or at all the people who ignored us and should have helped me out. I can't run this show by myself and wrangle 3 kids at the same time. My husband works nights and hasn't been to church in ages...just me and the kids. I could feel my face burning with embarrassment as I displayed poorly spelled words and tried to pretend the computer was slow when I didn't change the slides on time..... I am so crabby by noon its all I can do to load the kids in the van and go home without leaving them along the roadside. I had a beer when I got home. It's noon, right?

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Joe and Leanna said...

ROFL!! I am SO sorry but this was totally cracking me up!! I can so see this happening to me! I promise I was meaning it to be a 'laugh WITH you kinda thing'... ;)

I am telling you...God has a funny/strange sense of humor sometimes!! LOL