Tuesday, November 11, 2008

To My Husband on Veteran's Day

I never really had the chance to tell my husband upon his return from Afghanistan "Thank You". Perhaps he knows I meant it, but that's not the same. So, thank you. Thank you for sacrificing not only yourself but everything you hold important in you life to do what you feel it is your responsibility as a citizen and soldier to do. Thank you for giving up sleep, comfort and often health to protect us, your family and your nation. Thank you for coming home to us even though you left friends behind. Thank you for waiting two months to meet your little girl for the first time. Thank you for changing yourself forever to stand up for our country. Thank you for being a hero in your families eyes, your children's eyes, and in the eyes of those whom you've never met. Thank you for doing what you could to make this a safer world for people you may never see again. Thank you for your continued love and faith to me. I know that what you've experienced may never let you be the person you were before. Thank you for being willing to accept those changes, good and bad, on our behalf. I love you, now and always.

Homecoming Day 2007

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Joe and Leanna said...

Aww...tell him "thank you" from us too. He has done his part in making this world a better place for generations (including my children) to come!

(great pic..we rarely get to see one of you too)