Friday, November 28, 2008

Thanksgiving coma

Here we are, Black Friday, and I have elected to sleep in rather than get up at possibly 3am to drive an hour into town and wait an hour in line and shop for the elusive deal. No thanks, it's cold out. Some crazies have been camped in actual tents in front of Best Buy since Tuesday. I figure with the money they could have made from Tuesday to Friday at a JOB they could have purchased whatever it was they were waiting for at full price, slept in a bed, pooped in a real toilet, showered and NOT miss Thanksgiving with their family. Seriously, people!!

Anyway, Thursday was nice, and as unplanned as ever. We survived the in-laws nicely, after a quick go-round and accusations of guilt tripping, dinner was wonderful. JC was nice enough to sleep through the entire dinner and I ate hot food for the first time in a while.

My largest disappointment was by far the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. Well, not so much the parade as the coverage of it. I was excited to let the kids watch it this year because they would actually take an interest in the floats and balloons and bands. I was SO frustrated at these announcers who wouldn't SHUT UP long enough to focus on the parade as we watch numerous interesting pieces drift by behind them!!! WHO THE HECK CARES what the chick from Guiding Light makes for dinner???!?!? Shut your yappers and get back to the parade!! Between the crappy unfunny announcers and the stupid off-street musical acts, there were about 3 floats shown in one hour. The most interesting things were the comments about the history of the parade that popped up right before each commercial break. Had I known another station was also airing the parade, I would have changed it. Alas, we needed to leave to the in-laws. After that it was all football. Maybe next year, in the mean time pass the turkey leftovers!

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the Rambler said...

Amen! It is SO NOT worth fighting the crazy people out there! I would rather stay in and visit with family (as long as it is not the ones that lay the guilt