Monday, December 1, 2008

Busy Busy

Sorry I've been ignoring this blog somewhat. I've been trying to get all the Christmas photos done. It's nice to have the business, but I think it's at the expense of my house. I'm not a fantastic housekeeper, but it has been particularly disaster-like around here. Trying to get the kids to help is like pulling teeth. What I need it to have Steve tell the kids to do stuff, they listen to him on the first try instead of me following behind them "clean up, clean up, clean up!" He says I need to channel my inner Drill Sergeant.

I am excited, however, that my sister-in-law asked me to do their photos this year. I've only been married for 8 years and a photographer the entire time, but this is the first year any of my in-law family has asked for Christmas cards. I also did one for my new's funny to have cousins the same age as my own children. The Iversons and Fraases do produce some very cute kids, tho!

My Niece and Nephew

My sweetie pie cousin

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Joe and Leanna said...

Oh - awesome pics! They are adorable!

Yes, so nice to have family to take the pics! I have that same tooth pulling trouble with both help with cleaning (and I have a 16 year old - of course it is a boy) and getting them all together for a family picture is just as bad! ;) They cooperate somewhat better for their uncle.