Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Wishes for the new year...

Just getting a head start. Here are a few things I am thinking about, I invite any reader out there to add to the list:

1. to slow down and not always wish the kids were older, they will be all too soon
2. to be funnier (I'm just not witty - that's hubby)
3. to excercise my brain more often - read, toss the calculator, do number puzzles, learn new vocab and use it (will this help with #2?)
4. loose an appropriate amount of weight, or just feel better about the size I am (ha!)
5. read longer books to my kids (AM loved Pippi Longstocking)
6. dress up for my husband (as it turns out, pajama pants are not so cute every day of the week)

there we's a start. Any suggestions?

I finally caught him smiling. JC Chunky-Boy Fraase almost 3 mos


the Rambler said...

Aww...he's so cute! (and has my other

You are awesome just like you are! Really!! have you tried those Sudoku or Soduko (whatever-guess I need to work them puzzles? Supposed to make you smarter...oh, yea...that's it, that's what I have to do!

What? You are funny...I still remember the church/movie projector story!! ROFL

Jena9286 said...

I like word scrambles. And crossword puzzles. Have you read the Twilight series yet? Easy reads.
And what's wrong with pajama pants? I trade them for my uniform when I go to work. No??? Maybe I should work on that one too. UM...Nope!

Mel Fraase said...

Funny thing is, my MOM has already read the first Twilight. I need to get more books (not library books, I take too long w/ kids). I asked for Barnes & Noble gift certificates, if I asked my MIL for a book about vampires and teen love she'd have a stroke. Our kids can't dress up as devils or witches for Halloween!