Friday, December 12, 2008

Friday Fragments

Friday Fragments?

As prescribed by Half-Past Kissing Time - All the stuff too small to be a post, too goo to discard...

PM, 2, seems to have a saying of the week. It's recently been "what goin on!?" shouted by her dolls when they talk to each other. Is this her idea of how adults carry conversation?

MD ran out of Pull-Ups last night so I was forced to let him sleep without. I woke him at midnight and carried him to the bathroom, he went. He was dry in the morning. Is this all the effort I need - are Pull-Ups a crutch?

I need to post some photos of MD at gymnastics.

AM came home with a note about Girl Scouts starting. As far as I know there hasn't been a troop in town for some time. I'm actually very excited about this. I was toying with the idea of calling and trying to get something started here. I'm glad someone did!

Stupid Kinesio Tape left a rash again on PM. I'm officially done with the stuff, sadly. I was really happy with what it was doing for her. I wonder if there are alternatives.

It's almost 5 am and I'm up. Jackson is back to bed, so must I be.

Good Night!!


Mrs4444 said...

Hey there! Love your blog and plan to come back this weekend, but I just wanted to say your kids' names are beautiful, and so is your layout. Excellent fragments , my friend. You're a pro already :)

Mandy said...

Great fragments! How old is your son in pullups? I have often wondered if we were using them as a crutch, too.

Mel Fraase said...

Max just turned 5. He's been wearing pull-ups only overnight since 3. I don't believe in daytime pull-ups, but I still have 2 kids left to prove me wrong!

Abby said...

Yay for waking up dry in the morning! I can't wait for that day! Happy Friday!

Joe and Leanna said...

Oh my, you did start your day early! You could've given me a holler cause I'm sure I was up then too! just not laying on the computer.. ;)

I'm going to have to remember the Friday Fragments and play next week..I didn't even get a post in yesterday. How bad am I?

We never even used pull-ups so I can't help you on that. But, I think whatever works for you is best.

Too bad about the kinesio since you liked the results so well. We did too but Cole's was for his trunk and we are using theratogs now as they are so much easier (and don't stick to his skin).

Carmi said...

I don't think they're a crutch as much as they're a potentially effective transitional tool. Every child is different, and the best person to read when it makes sense to use something - or end its use - is mom or dad.

Barbara said...

Thank you for you post on my blog. I've read a little bit of your story and plan to come back and read more.

That's too bad about the tape and the rash. We used Kinesio tape too for a while. It seemed to help a bit with Bennett's hand. We didn't notice any difference with his foot. We stopped using it mainly because I needed help to put it on and because he kept peeling it off.