Monday, December 8, 2008

I'm It....

I've been tagged by the Rambler at the Ramble Room -

The rules are to list 6 things that make me happy:

1. Food made especially for me because they know I'll like it (my husband does this!)
2. Listening to my kids talk to each other when they are getting along and think I can't hear them
3. Talking to my husband about anything, because it so rarely happens without numerous interruptions
4. My baby looking up and smiling at me while they're nursing
5. Talking to my best friend for hours
6. Having a drink with my husband and/or my rowdy family members (aka the "loud" family)

I'd like to tag:

Jen at Life Is Chaos, Give Me More

Now I'd better get back to work, taking care of other people's newborns. Can that be a favorite, too?

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the Rambler said...

Yes..I like your list too! I love food but have working hard this year to gain control over 2 kids that can talk very rarely 'talk' to each other (they fight)but I used to love it/crack up when I kept a friend & him and Shane would talk.No interruptions? what's that? I have to say #4 truly IS the best 'happy' moment EVER...I missed that with Cole! I treasure #5 as well! And, #6 wouldn't apply since my hubby doesn't drink (anything but Mt.Dew). ;) Thanks for playing along!!