Monday, December 15, 2008

Mission: Monday


Prize giveaways and more - just visit Dirty Socks & Pizza or Halftime Lessons for the rules and accept your mission!


In case anyone is interested - it is currently -11° F with a wind chill of -35° F. It's no longer snowing, but the total was 9½ inches!! School has been called off and they just re-opened Interstates 29 & 94 this morning. I haven't gone outside yet, but if I want my mail, I'd better shovel the walk so she can get to the door. SO glad I don't have to drive anywhere!


Jena9286 said...

You and me both. Chris did the driveway but our dul de sac hasn't been plowed so here he sits. Not sure we will see our mail lady today. No paper yet either. What a sad day. LOL

the Rambler said...

Oh, I SO have to play...and NOT for me to win just sounds like fun telling what we did NOT do! LOL and meeting other bloggers. asked about the button? If you want to email me please do...let me know what you are needing.

Ellen said...

I just blogged about how it's 65 degrees here, I'm in New York area. Crazy! I know, you are not feeling very badly for me right now... :)