Monday, December 22, 2008

Not Me Monday - #1

Not Me, Not Me - I would never....well maybe. See what else others didn't do at my charming kids!

I DID NOT join Twitter this weekend to further chain myself to the internet. I mean, I have friends other than e-friends, right?

I DID NOT get to spend several hours with the in-laws, and get a few B-day gifts!

I DID NOT surf the Best Buy parking lot on Sunday before thinking I could wait to get Pink's new album (I DID NOT just call it an album - old much?). WAAAYY too many last minute shoppers to haul four kids into the store for one purchase. And I DID NOT just contemplate herding four kids into Best Buy in -20 degree weather to buy a Pink album.

I DID NOT accidentally come across what my DH is giving me for Christmas.....

I also DID NOT have to e-mail a friend to ask for her twin sister's last name and husband's name just so I could send her a Christmas card when I should darn well know that info!!

Finally, I DID NOT give up my tree decorating rights just to let the kids have a good time, no matter how much I wanted to spread out the cluster of ornaments 3 feet or lower (the top 3 feet are bare - and I DID NOT leave it that way).

(And I DID NOT let PM decorate JC instead of the tree)


Patrice said...

LOL! The last 1 cracked me up! That is too funny! Glad you got a picture of that even though it did not happen of course!
Thanks for stopping by & helping me reach my goal! I so appreciate it :)

Barbara said...

Ha! Great pictures - I too loved the last one!

the RaMbLeR said...

ROFL!! This is 'priceless'!

Love the beautiful job Piper did!

Ellen said...

What a funny post—and adorable pictures!!!!

I, too, have gotten sucked into Twitter. Even Facebook. I think I spend more time in cyberworld than I do in the real world!!!

Thanks for commenting on post today about two vs. three kids, a very lively, helpful discussion.

Keri said...

Your kiddos are absolutely adorable! I just wanna give them all a squeeze for being so cute! Not hard, of course:)