Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Kinesio Tape Dilema

Our OT ordered Kinesio tape for P.M.'s hand for us. We received 3 rolls and they showed us how to tape her hand to help with wrist extension and to bring the thumb out of her fist. I at first didn't see any difference. With more time, I think it is helping. I actually think it does more good than the Benik brace does as it doesn't restrict her movements, especially since a big part of her OT is getting a good pincher grasp developed. The Benik seemed to be in the way and keep her thumb and forefinger from meeting easily. THEN I found a video on YouTube that showed a more extensive tape technique (more tape mostly) that seems to provide more encouragement to keep her wrist up. The technique involved more stretch placed on the tape across the forearm ( It really has been working well. BUT it seems P.M. is getting a rash from the tape :( Her wrists are prone to eczema anyway, but this was definitely from the tape remaining on. I'm disappointed. She never had a reaction to the original tape we were using, a flesh colored Kinesio tape (the backing only said Kinesio with some Japanese characters along side). The pink tape is Kinesio Gold and I'm wondering if there is a difference in the adhesive OR if it's the dye. My only other guess is that it's just to darn hot these last few days and it's just a heat rash exacerbated by being under tape days at a time. I am going to let it heal up, then try the pink tape again. If the rash returns, I'll talk to OT about some alternatives, or try out plain old flesh colored and see if anything makes a difference. P.M. doesn't seem too bothered by it, it was a little itchy for her, but not too uncomfortable. She's such a trooper. She likes her "stickers" and will sit nicely to let me apply them.

The pink Kinesio tape in action.

The lovely rash after 2 days.

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