Monday, July 28, 2008

White wine is for desert, right?

You know that beautiful enticement to the last trimester of pregnancy? The one glass of wine you have so missed? I had mine today, and let me tell you, white goes very well with cookie dough. I didn't even eat the finnished cookies, just the dough. I made one batch and then froze the rest. I have also decided I don't have the time right now to sell Tupperware, so I got out my show items (the children's playset and the all temp spatula) and we had a tiny tupperware cookie party. The kids like the tiny bowls, pitcher and tumblers. I stashed the lids so someday I could actually find them. The kids donned their aprons and chef hats I made them to help me mix up the cookie dough with promises of eating what they liked. I don't know why I am always so hesitant to make cookies, our big mixer makes it so easy (start with the wet, add the dry, chips last). Cleanup was only a few utensils and bowls, plus everything is already licked clean! I love cookie dough, especially with white wine.

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