Monday, November 17, 2008


So much for NaBloPoMo, I made it a week before I skipped posting... Apparently we can join any month, November is just the "big" month. My excuse is that I worked for the first time this weekend since having JC. It was nice to get back to work, a lot of things have changed in 8 weeks. And a lot have not. I got very little sleep, due to poor planning on my part, but I was ultimately on call Sunday night anyway, so I have almost caught up. Because I work nights, I took just the baby with me and left Daddy with the big kids. I had homes lined up for him and they all said he did well. At least as well as I hoped he would. One time up at night, feed and sleep. I still went to church Sunday, did my thing, and tried to get home quickly. After last week's fiasco, I was early. I had nothing go hugely wrong, and my pastor even came back before the service and apologized for the comment about the noise. He said he didn't know it was my kids and that they're great. He was sure it was another troublemaker and the comment was actually directed at them. That was nice of him! More people than usual did offer to help with the kids this week, though! I forgot to pack regular clothes, so I also went to church in my scrubs. No one said a thing.

It's my wonderful Husband's birthday today. Happy b-day, hon, even though you said its no longer yours. It's MD's birthday today, too. Legos are the coolest gift this year. Instead of cookies or cake, we sent him to school with Batman fruit roll-ups. Happy 5th Birthday, Buddy!!

MD's Lego penguin.


the Rambler said...

Well, I am so glad church went a little more smoothly for you this week! ;)

Happy Birthday to both your 'boys'!

And, cool pic of Max!! Both of my two older boys love Legos too!

the Rambler said...

Oh...oops, I came to visit with my new (me) blog (sorry it not completely ready) so you won't know who I am (blushing) LOL! It's Leanna from caringforcole...