Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Binkies and Birthmarks

I have been trying and have run the gamut of pacifiers. None of my other kids took one, I don't know why I expect JC to take one. He manages to get a little thumby in his mouth once in a while and I'd rather stop that before it starts. (but its oh so cute) You can take away a pacifier.... So I've tried half a dozen different shapes and sizes. He sort of likes the hospital Soothie, but still gets ticked off when there's nothing coming out of it. He'd rather nurse/bottle feed until he literally explodes, gushing goo everywhere. Then he takes a nap.
Tonight I tried the Playtex version of the Binky with the flat top ("most like mothers' breast" - huh? also, it appears to be ribbed for his pleasure). He will grudgingly accept it. He actually whines and sucks at the same time as if to let me know he'll take it for now, but he's not fooled. Mmmm-mm0mmm-gwaa-mmm-mmumm-gwaa-mum-mmmgwaa!

I've also been keeping tabs on his little birthmark. It has become more red and defined, but it is still not raised. I had one on the side of my nose, it took years, but did disappear. JC's cousin has a larger hemangioma that is raised. She's now almost 7 and I guess its slowly going away. I understand they can run in families. I'm not too concerned, its in an easy-to-conceal spot, and he's a boy.


Jena9286 said...

Katie had one on the side of her jaw back by her ear and it pretty much went away by the time she was 3. All you can see now is a faint red line where it used to be. It's a sign of royality I have heard.

Joe and Leanna said...

On the binkie thing...each child will find there own source of comfort...or mom will help them ;). My oldest loved every single one of the (seemed like)500 pacifiers he had. He would go to sleep with one in his mouth (and BTW, he could talk as plain as day with it IN his mouth)and would hold all the others in both his hands up by his mouth..and he could tell you which one (mamms w/pics on them) was missing. *rolling eyes*..middle child had to have his blankie (which was cream colored and very nastily stained by him draggin it everywhere-we let him pick a dark Spiderman replacement blankie, then he HAD to have both at all times)*again rolling eyes*...I think Cole would have been a thumb sucker had he been able to get it into his mouth. We've spent many a frustrated night with him 'trying' to get it in there. Yes, I believe in piece so I am that mother that will let them use whatever devise necessary as long as it makes them happy!! ;)

Funny you say that about hereditary birthmarks or that the other is hereditary....ALL of my boys have had (and since they have either lightened up, dissapeared or moved) a light brown, almost egg shaped birth mark on their hip exactly like their father.