Monday, November 10, 2008

zOMG....what will not be on my kids' Christmas list

I saw this commercial last week on Nickelodeon several times. This week it was mentioned on The Soup. Holy crap, here come Tini Pupinis. Seriously, are parents actually buying this crap for their little girls?? Its bad enough your eleven-year-old dresses like a prostitute, but her puppy?? I swear they actually say "you're such a ho!" at 22 seconds....listen!!

I was truly stunned by these toys. My mouth hung open *gasp*. Is this what we have come to?? Slutty dogs for kids to play with? Yes, please, lets dress innocent dogs up like ho-bags. Really? I thought the Bratz dolls were bad enough. I have fortunately missed this boat as Aria wants nothing to do with dolls or Barbies, never has. Dinosaurs, dragons and legos are way cooler.


Joe and Leanna said...

OMG!! They REALLY did say that! What in the world are they teaching our young ladies? Did you hear it also say something about liking her 'tail' in these jeans?

I am (and have always been) with Aria. Even ditched the barbies to go ride/jump bikes, play baseball off a orange street cone and catch frogs in the culdesac!! Way more fun!! lol

Mel Fraase said...

OK - I have since been told by Steve and my mom that it is probably "You're such a HOWL!" Which makes more sense than letting pre-teens call eachother Ho's!!!!