Monday, January 26, 2009

Twilight - just checking

Twilight Trailer!

TheMomJen at Cheaper than Therapy turned me on to this site... Twilighters Anonymous. Lots of neat quizzes and info on the books and upcoming movies. Just thought you'd like to see it - and I wanted to see if this cool little trailer pic would does!! I can't say I'm totally obsessed yet, I am still a recovering Harry Potter addict, so those books are tough to out do. I DID laugh when DH's friend and his girlfriend went to see the first Twilight movie. He really thought he was in for a cool, intense vampire movie. "I was robbed!" Yep, he got high school romance with a taste of blood. Well, at least his girlfriend liked it. I thought it was only OK - I'm really hoping that with the success of the first movie they'll get a bigger budget and really kick butt with the next one.
Being I have very little time I have been listening to the audio books on my iPod while I drive or do dishes or whatever . The woman who reads is not bad (no Jim Dale - Harry Potter's book reader who actually won a Grammy for the work) but she seems to have the mood and tone I would expect Bella herself to have, so it works.
ANYWAY - until tomorrow!


PS Our friend Kel from Girl in the Glasses and her friend Cammie are starting a new blog - Girls With Books - come on over, follow, and join the literary fun!


Jena9286 said...

Oh you silly girl, now I have to waste more time too. Thanks! :)

The Mom said...

Thanks for the shout out! I can't wait to see the movie! I think all of us that are in love with being in love will enjoy the books and the movie for that matter! ;)