Monday, January 26, 2009

Not Me Monday - Reporting from..

First and foremost, I am NOT blogging from work. I would NOT waste my employer's time doing such a thing.

I also DO NOT have mustard on my scrubs from eating a sandwich.

I DID NOT attend a work party on Saturday night so there will NOT be several slightly embarassing photos floating around Facebook this weekend.

I DID NOT skip blogging most of last week to be sick, maybe your computer is broken, those posts are there...somewhere...right?

I DID NOT lose a verse of lyrics to a song at church. With such a fast (not) and modern (not) computer as the one in our tech center, there is no way I would have let the poor musician leading a song start full tilt on a verse to find himself singing solo while the rest of the congregation stared at him. How embarassing, NOT ME!

I also DID NOT let my son watch several hours of Power Puff Girls thus setting off a weird obsession at our house. I DID NOT receive several Power Puff Girl drawings from him while he sat quietly (HA!) beside me at church...where I was NOT screwing things up.

See what else everyone did NOT do with "Not ME!" Mondays at My Charming Kids.


Carmi said...

Reminds me of the old (is it still around, anyway?) Family Circus comic strip, where each child carries a similarly negative-charged name: Not Me, Ida Know and something else that slips my feeble, aging brain.

This completely took me back to my childhood! I needed something like this on a Monday.

Anonymous said...

I believe you that there is no mustard on your scrubs and that all you do at work is work, work, work. ;)