Saturday, January 31, 2009

Social Saturday

I think I must be feeling a few more fragments from Friday.

I'm thinking about starting a Social Saturday. I'll post a meme and if you feel like playing along, copy the info and post your answers on your blog during the weekend. I'll even make a button. I love getting to know you guys! (Also, I love making buttons and banners.)

Speaking of banners....My hubby has decided to enter the blogging arena...can you imagine?! I am under strict orders NOT to reveal his super secret identity, so sorry all, I hope you come across it because I won't be telling you where it is. Sigh.

I was also messing around with Photoshop and made a new photo with J's birthmark. I've been keeping tabs on it and it seems to be staying about the same shape and size. It's slightly raised now, but looks very similar to the last photo:

Carmi at Written Inc. hosts a photo theme each week he calls Thematic Photographic. This week's theme is SIMPLE. I've posted this photo before, but I like it a lot so I'm putting it up again. Simple happiness. Simple sun, wind, sky, water. I love this photo.

Please check out Carmi's site, and if you live in the London, Canada you should stop by and see his awesome photography. "Photography for the Rest of Us." A REAL EXHIBIT! How cool is that???!

As for my hair, well, it's done, and it's red. You'll have to wait until "NOT ME!" Monday, because I have a confession I won't be ready to admit until then.....

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the RaMbLeR said...

Awww...I like this pic too!! She's beautiful!