Friday, January 30, 2009

Friday Fragments

Friday Fragments?

♥ I finally got around to coloring my hair again. I have had just about every color and style you can think of.

◄ Here's me last week.

Here's me with nice dark brown hair. ►

♥ I plan on doing some very very red highlights on top of this.....tune in TOMORROW for the results!!

And did you notice JC has a pacifier?!? I think we may have found one he likes! Ah the quiet! The boy is by no means starving to death, and his little fingers are getting raw because he found out how to cram ALL of them in his mouth at the same time. He just needs to suck...and I am NOT a pacifier ;)

♥ AM managed to cut her foot on dry rice. Yeah, I know...huh? She stoop atop a large Tupperware container to (unbeknown to me) grab a snack for school. The container slipped, tipped, and popped open. She slid off into the dry rice and somehow one grain embedded itself in the bottom of her foot. After bandaids and hugs, she sucked it up pretty well and we were only 5 minutes late for school.

♥ We have missed SO many of PM's OT in-town appointments this month due to weather (still have home visits as well). We finally went Wednesday and she did really well. We are scheduled to see the PT in two weeks (they've only been seeing her every few months as they are happy with our homework!). We will talk about possibly new AFO's soon and maybe one more round of CIT.

♥ A friend from church had a baby Monday!! I'm making her a carseat cover. I'll post pics later. I am considering opening an Etsy shop for the covers, bibs, blankets, etc. Any input Etsy entrepreneurs??

♥MD is reading!!! He sounds out each letter and can read words I know he doesn't recognize. He's so smart! Kindergarden is going to be so fun for him next year!!

♥I am SUPER excited to be a contributor to Kel & Cammie's Girls With Books blog. I will be picking out my first few books this weekend. Please come by and follow!!

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Dawn said...

Your hair looks great! I've been every color on the color wheel as well. LOL!

Yay! for your little one taking a paci. I so wish my youngest one would have. It does provide so much quietness! :)

Kristina P. said...

I only hope you aren't planning on killing anyone soon, with your new haircolor. We all know what happens with roots once you go to prison.

Mrs4444 said...

I love the dark color! Can't wait to see the accents :) How awesome that your little guy is READING! Such a gift; to be able to read. Nice job planting the seeds for each of your children's growth.