Friday, September 26, 2008

Constraint Induced Therapy

Here we go, as if it weren't crazy enough around this house lately.... P.M. is now on day four of her constraint induced therapy. She did very well with the casting and the first night asked twice to have the cast "off". She settled with the answer that is was stuck and hasn't asked again since. She has been much crabbier the last few days, but I would be too. It seems to come and go, depending on what we're trying to do. Puzzles I dread. P.M. can't quite manipulate the pieces and it is difficult to even grab the little pegs to pick them up. Once she has them where they belong she is too frustrated to turn the piece and slide it into place. Also, I gave her a sippy with handles to make it easier to use since the sippies are too wide to get just one hand around them. She still has a lot of trouble lifting them all the way to her mouth and will assist with the casted hand. The same goes for eating, her biggest trouble is utensils. Finger food isn't too bad, she can cram things into her mouth, but aiming a spoon is much harder. We help her when we can, but really try to encourage her to do it herself, with our support. My plan Monday is to bring a frozen Kids Cuisine meal to therapy and have her eat it there.

I am going to miss my parents. They came for a week and it was so nice to see them again (my dad hadn't even seen P.M. in person yet!!). It was fun to have them to help out and get the kids to school, dressed, fed, etc. I enjoyed having my mom fill me in on Days of Our Lives :) and keep me company when Daddy was gone at work. I miss adult interaction!!

It is going to be a long month, but I know it will be worth it...... also, that cast HURTS when you are accidentally in it's way!!! I will be posting updates on P.M.'s caringbridge site, and later when it's done I plan on posting some video I've taken from different times during the month.

Keep us in your prayers for patience, P.M. as well as mom and dad!!

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Joe and Leanna said...

Poor Piper (and mom) I'm sure it is very frustrating! Has she complained about it itching? My DH had a leg cast when he was 3 and it was awful by the time it was removed...stinky from the sweat/moisture along with the gravel he had put down in it just to 'scratch' in there...LOL! Keeping you all in our prayers!