Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Beet Juice and Tuna

Okay, it sounds terrible.  These two things were on the table, but not together.  Hubby and I juiced again, and truly we thought we’d have to hold our noses to get this one down.  Our inspiration was V-8 Juice, which we both like, only amped up and health-ified even more.  Here’s the recipe (or Mad Scientist list of ingredients):

4 Roma tomatoes (3 for hubby’s drink)

1 red beet (top removed)

3 carrots (2 for hubby’s drink)

2 celery stalks

sm handful of spinach

1/8 head of cabbage

1/2 Romaine heart

sm handful of cilantro

(hubby added a few olives and some Sriracha sauce to spice his up a bit, I liked it and did the same)


The pink color is a bit misleading, as if it should taste like a Tripleberry Julius… oh, SO not a Tripleberry.  Hubby was not fond of this drink, but he downed it all like the soldier he is.  I didn’t think it was too bad.  I didn’t hold my nose to drink it.  The mixture could have used more tomato (and maybe some vodka…) but its definitely savory, not sweet.  No competition for V-8 yet.

The TUNA on the other hand was wonderful.  We used white Albacore tuna and chopped red pepper seasoned with a little Mrs. Dash, Sea Salt, and fresh ground pepper.  We wrapped it in Romaine lettuce leaves.  Healthy and yummy. 


To summarize: One “no-go” and one “eh” for the juice…. thumbs up for the tuna wraps.


Kristina P. said...

That does NOT sound good. The tuna does, however!

Dee said...

Yeah, I totally turned my nose up when I first read that. The tuna looks good though.