Friday, April 9, 2010

Friday Fragments / Friday Night Leftovers

Mommy's Idea 

Here again like an enema for your brain is Friday Fragments, coupled with Friday  Night Leftovers.  Clean out the fridge people, the weekend is here!

  • As I sit here getting my thoughts together, JC comes in.  “Bib…mommy….bib” is what I hear.  When I look up, I see my 18-month-old trying to tuck my bra under his chin.  “Yes, honey, that’s mommy’s bib.”
  • The National Guards is having a family weekend.  Basically we get to eat with our soldiers and socialize for a day.  The bonus is that my hubby looks fantastic in a uniform and my in-laws are taking the kids for the night :)
  • Destination Imagination is over for us.  It was a lot of fun.  No really.  I spent all Saturday with a bunch of grade schoolers and lived to tell about it.  I was very proud of AM’s team, they all got medals for the “Spirit Award” (their level’s only award besides “participation”) out of the 8 teams that were at their level.  Very cool!  AM is totally excited to be in it next year.


  • We got some new insulation and a new door as part of our weatherization program.  I can’t tell you how happy something as simple as a new door makes me.  I was giddy!  The smell of new wood trim.  A door that doesn’t need excessive kicking coercing to close.  It LOOKS so NICE!!! Eee!

insulation blower IMG_9355


  • I also found a flyer for school pictures in MD’s back pack.  Guess when they were? LAST Wednesday…. the day he wore a shirt I know was too small, and AM wore this…

cool right?

I wonder when re-takes are.


Anonymous said...

I like that kind of bonus, too. ;)

Danifred said...

My parents were divorced growing up and once, on the night before picture day, I spent it with my dad. He thought it would be a good idea to put baby oil in my bath to make my hair shiny. I went to school the next day looking like a greased monkey and there are pictures to prove it.

(And, to answer your blanket as my "skirt" question, I made my husband open the garage and ran like the dickens from the car.)

Mr. Thompson and Me said...

Stopped over from FNL & love your blog. The "mommy bib" cracked me up!

Just wait on the pictures - the kids will grow and those will be their favorites! I had a similar experience to Danifred and it still makes me laugh.

Anonymous said...
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