Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Presenting: Grilled Cheese-Stuffed Red Peppers!

These have to be the best thing I’ve made in a long time.  I am proud to say I came up with most of the recipe myself.  After Googling different stuffed pepper recipes I decided to go out on my own.  Those peppers with the stuffing made almost entirely out of rice are just not for me.  Any filling I eat needs to not be just a “filler”, I want it to really be tasty, too!

Recipe List (these are all approximate, that’s usually how I cook)

6 Long Sweet Red Peppers (bought as a pack at Sam’s Club/Costco)

Extra Virgin Olive Oil (you know, EVOO!)

3/4c. bacon ends and pieces (most fatty stuff removed)

1 med onion, diced

1 additional Red Pepper, diced

6 oz. Pepper Jack cheese

4 oz. Mozzarella cheese

5 Babybel cheeses

1/2 c. Parmesan cheese

3 1/2 oz. box of Panko bread crumbs 

I started with long red peppers that I washed and took the tops off of.  Fortunately, these peppers are really only seedy at the top, so just sneaking a knife around the neck will get rid of most of the seeds.  There are a few down further in the pepper, but a few flicks with my fingers and I had knocked them out.

stuffedpeppers stuffedpeppers1


I cut one pepper up to use in the stuffing later.

Once I had the rest cored, I drizzled the EVOO over them and sent them out to Hubby to grill.  He said they were only on about 5 minutes, turned once.  I didn’t cook them before the grill so they will still be just a bit firm.  We don’t want them falling apart when they’re stuffed!



While the peppers are waiting for the grill, I started on the stuffing.  I first browned the bacon.  We use a pack of “ends and pieces”.  Most grocery stores carry something like it.  There are no flat pieces of bacon, they are simply the leftovers pieces that won’t fit in a regular sliced bacon pack.  Usually there is a lot of meat and the fat can be easily removed for cooking.  It’s economical AND slightly more healthy than regular bacon slices.

Once the bacon is browned, I added the onion and the chopped red pepper.  Sautee them until they are a bit soft.  Next comes my favorite part….cheese!stuffedpeppers3stuffedpeppers6 stuffedpeppers4

I cubed the Pepper Jack, Mozzarella (or buy the already-shredded!) and cut the Babybel into slices.  I used about 1/2 c. of grated Parmesan cheese as well.  All of these went into the pan on low heat until they melted.

stuffedpeppers5stuffedpeppers7 About this time, my peppers came back in from the grill, I set them aside while I added the last ingredient.stuffedpeppers8


Once the cheese is well melted, add the Panko bread crumbs.  Sure, you can use other types, but the Panko are light and crispy and add nice texture to the stuffing!  I’m not terribly cautious, I just dumped the whole thing in then mixed it up.





Mmmmm… we’re almost there.  I took my still hot grilled peppers, held them with a clean towel, and spooned the mixture into the peppers, making sure to get all the way to the bottom.  I was quite generous with the stuffing and still had enough to stuff all 6 peppers.

stuffedpeppers10 That’s it! They’re ready to serve!!!  I can’t say this is the healthiest dish we’ve ever made, but everyone needs a treat once in a while…and there is a vegetable under all that cheese!!!  Enjoy!

Are you making them? Let me know! I’ll add your link to the bottom of this post.



Kristina P. said...

Thank you for sharing this! I only recently discovered sweet peppers and I love them!

Heather said...

I'm licking the computer screen...tastes JUST like....chicken. ;)

The Henrys said...

This looks so good and very easy! I will have to try it soon.

Thanks for the comments on my blog. I wanted to answer your question about my Gracie. She does not have an electronic device for communication. The only thing we have tried is the big mac switches.

We have been working with the school SLPs and they have all told me that she is not ready for something electronic. They want to keep her using the PECS book, but I so disagree! Last October, I asked for Speech through the hospital, and we just started. It took a long time to begin.

Anyway, the new SLP at the hospital is wonderful and she agress with me. She instructed me to call a rehab center through the Children's Hospital of Michigan quite a distance away. They do a very comprehensive evaluation for speech devices like the dynavox. I am waiting for a call back from them with an appointment date.

I can't wait and I think she is more than ready. This has been a slow process and I am trying to stay patient. I talked with someone yesterday who said that perhaps one reason why the school tells me she isn't ready is because they might have to pay for it. That makes me so angry!

Anyway, thanks for asking. Sorry I wrote a long comment about it but I am very excited to get started with this for her.