Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Choke Cherries – again!!

I originally posted these couple of pictures last August, but this year with all the rain and heat our choke cherries are early!! I have to go pick.  Tomorrow we head to my Mother-in-law’s place to can rhubarb jelly, strawberry/rhubarb jam, and something with cranberries (I don’t know that we plan on making with them yet).  So enjoy a few shots from last year’s harvest while I get some new ones!!

We have a choke cherry tree in our yard that always produces massive amounts of berries each year. I usually try to pick what I can reach. This year I plan to get up higher and harvest as much as possible. My first excursion into syrup and jelly last year went SO well and we loved all the jars of tart tasty toppings. I was pretty proud of myself for canning for the first time!

I will post some recipes soon!!





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Angela @ Nine More Months said...

I've never heard of choke cherries. Are they sweet or tart? (I'm assuming tart, because of the name.)

ParkerMama said...

I've never eaten choke cherries. But making jams and the likes from them sound yummy!

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