Friday, July 2, 2010

Friday Fragments – Fourth of July!

Happy holiday weekend everyone! Get ready for burgers and beer and fireworks by purging your mind with Mrs. 4444’s Friday Fragments at Half Past Kissing Time!!


family bottle cap copy I’ve been trying to clean up from my husband being home alone last weekend while I worked.  Sure, he had four kids underfoot, but so do I.  Every. Day.  I can still manage to wash dishes and throw in a load of clothes. Grrr.

family bottle cap copyThis week was filled with softball games and T-ball practice.  They take up most of the mid-afternoon and I feel like just laying under the A/C and not getting anything else done.  At least I got some sun.  I have an awesome sandal strap tan line going. (Ugh – time for another home pedi)

tan lines

family bottle cap copy Speaking of feet, I mentioned the other day that JC found a new love for mud puddles.


family bottle cap copyI did not go see the new and very exciting (so I’m told) Vampires and Werewolves movie.  I’m sad because I saw the last two opening day.  I guess that’s what happens when you have four kids and a military husband who’s been gone weeks at a time.  I dare not ask my in-laws to watch the kids just so I can see said movie.  Its too hard for me to justify, except that mama’s about at the end of her rope this week and I’ll be so glad to see Daddy this evening.

family bottle cap copyAlmost a year ago, I was “fired” from a church job I held.  I never received an explanation or even a “thanks for working for the last 5 years”.  I was pretty ticked off, but I am not the kind of person to create a scene and make a bad example for my kids who would have been with me.  Also, even if I did feel like causing a scene, I’m terrible at telling people off.  Like a lot of women (I suspect) when I get worked up I also get teary and start to sound like a herd of sheep.  So when I was again confronted a few weeks ago and cornered into taking the job back, I didn’t do anything but smile and nod.  Finally I wrote a letter to my pastor about all that had transpired and I think I came off NOT sounding like a bleating lamb.  I was careful not to point fingers and blame.  I already feel better, and I am sure there will be a better resolution than causing a scene would have made.  Sometimes, I guess it’s OK to act like an adult.

family bottle cap copyALERT! Seriously hilarious material:  Catalog Living is really funny.  And its new, so I can’t wait to see more.  By the last page I was literally laughing out loud.

family bottle cap copyPiper wrote her name (left handed, of course) for the first time!!  I  wrote the letters on top, then she was able to copy them quite well.  Below is a self portrait complete with princess crown and “beautiful slippers”.


family bottle cap copySheesh! It’s July!!!  Where did June go, anyway?  I was waiting for it to stop raining and suddenly it’s July?!?  Do you know what this means….eeee!!  In exactly ONE MONTH my EBFF will be here!!  Leanna Keathley is coming all the way from OK to visit.  If you’ve been reading here for a while, you know that last year I bravely set out with all 4 kids and a minivan and trekked down there, having only ever met each other on line.  It was fun, and disastrous all at once.  Loved it.  I hope her visit is even better.  Actually, it couldn’t top last year’s badness level, so I think we’re in good shape.  You can read the story HERE.  AND if you want to see the pictures, they’re HERE.  I just hope ND has something to offer that OK does not….stilllll thinking…..



jewelknits said...

Oh, the nostalgia that comes with seeing that "Piper" written out (although none of my children are named Piper, but you get the meaning ... I hope!)

Have a great visit with your friend and a great Fourth!

Julie @ Knitting and Sundries

Kristina P. said...

Love your farmer's tan. Man, church stuff can be tricky. I hope everything works out.

The Crazy Coxes said...

I'm so jealous of your excuse to be out in the sun! I'm always looking for something "productive" to sit at the pool, but it doesn't really work.

How fun to get to spend time with your EBFF. It's smart that you set a low bar last year - now this year will really rock!

Happy 4th of July!

michelle said...

I just got back from seeing said vampire/werewolf flick. Least favorite book, BEST movie of the series so far. All the characters were way more likable and it was really funny. Hope you get a chance to see it soon.

I like your toe ring

Happy 4th

Everyday Kathy said...

Yeah Piper!

You are right! Catalog Living IS hilarious! Thanks for sharing!

Visiting a bit late from FF...
Everyday Mommy

Unknown Mami said...

I hope you had a fantastic 4th!

I think you handled the church situation well.