Friday, July 16, 2010

Friday Fragments!

 Woohoo! It’s Friday.  Which is probably pretty cool for some of you, for me it means I have to go to work tonight.  So empty your brains and let the weekend begin!!


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Why is Burger King marketing my Vampire/Werewolf movie to kids?? It’s at best teen literature.  Although Aria, 8, is interested, I told her she’s not old enough.  On top of that, what 6 year old BOY wants something with Edward on the front?  By the time kids should be seeing/reading this material they are far too old or cool to order kid’s meals.  They must realize that the only one keeping those toys are middle aged moms. (Um, guilty)

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I can’t tell you how many times I’ve ever typed “HOmail” instead of hotmail while giving out my email.  Freudian perhaps…?

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It’s my weekend to work and it never fails that Daddy has Guards this same weekend.  I’ve been trying to sell off my children for the weekend, but I had very little luck.  I can’t imagine why…


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I was asked to show at some gallery space at a nearby hospital.  I’m excited about this!!  I need to go through my stuff and select 20-ish pieces.  I think I’m going to find some way to set up a pole here so you all can help me!


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There was a bird trapped between the panes of our double hung windows upstairs.  We have a small air conditioner in the window, so the bird must have landed on it, then hopped up into the gap.  I have no idea how it squeezed in because it would freak out and try to squeeze back down to no avail.  Of course I took pictures and posted asking for help.  I called my neighbor over.  She and I got the bird to the top of the window and caught him in a towel.  We took him outside and released him.  No big deal, really.  But the conversation that happened on my Facebook was hilarious.

image Mel Fraase  I need advice. Bird stuck between storm windows. I don't want him IN, how do I get him out?
KB: Entice the bird (looks like a sparrow) on to the ground with food. Something whole grain like wheat, or sunflower seeds etc.. NOT bread as it's bad for them.  Make sure the food's located where it is conducive to it going through the window. All this is on the assumption that it's healthy and not injured.
RB: OMG....i have a bird phobia....that would absolutely terrify me. Good luck!!!!!
MT-L: I can't even look at that picture...I'd shit myself if that bird was in my window. The WORD 'bird' makes me want to crawl out of my skin. Grrrrroooosssss. GET IT OUT!!!
Mel Fraase: OMG - Ryan and Missy! ROFLMAO
KB: I don't get it - what's so freaky about birds? My bedroom walls are covered in pictures of them!
MT-L: Honestly, it's the sound of the flapping wings that gets me...their feathers ick me out...the beaks...the eyes...they're dirty and gross. Plus Alfred Hitchcock's movie wrecked me.
KB: Ah - never be worried by the image of birds given by that film. Birds can actually be very clean creatures, constantly preening feathers, bathing, removing parasites etc. Far from gross, birds, especially starlings and crows can demonstrate great intelligence, teamwork and problem-solving. Starlings can mimic other species, as well as replicate human speech. I am a keen birdwatcher (I live in the UK) and have held warblers and finches in my hand, as well as owls. They're soft and relaxing to hold. And the wing-beat sound when a flock of 2000-3000 birds fly over your head on their way to roost is MAGIC! They're a masterpiece of evolution.
RB: Birds could be the cleanest and smartest animals in the world but I'm still terrified of them. Missy's earlier comment about beaks and feathers and flapping just gave me the chills.

family bottle cap copyMax and Aria had their last practice and Aria’s last game for the baseball/softball season.  Max was dying to quit, Aria said she’d like to play again next year!

Last game: Aria got a home run!

IMG_1378a While Max was practicing batting, Piper was apparently sword fighting.  She came to me moments later crying that some boy hit her with a stick.  I found this evidence later.  Busted!

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Big storms, power outage, birthday parties for friends, swimming at the pool, harvesting from the garden….that’s all the big excitement for the week.  Our choke cherries are already turning color!! Rhubarb is almost done for the season.  I need to get on my jam/jelly making before I end up with a bunch of moldy fruit.  Which I did last year. *sad face*


Kristina P. said...

I don't know if you ever read the post I did after Burger King used the "I Like Big Butts" song for their Sponge Bob kid's meals. What a great thing to help market to kids.

brainella said...

McDonalds currently has Airbender stuff for kids. My son was unimpressed with the "toy" they included. I get that they are capitalistis and are trying to get people in but age appropriate merchandise would be best.

Unknown Mami said...

I can't wait to see what pieces you choose to show. Congrats!

Dina @ 4 Lettre Words said...

I thought the same thing about the BK kids' meal prizes! We LOVE the King, but my boys were like "Whatever!?!"

That crazy bird. I would have grabbed my camera, too. So glad he/she was okay.

Have a great weekend!!

Karen MEG said...

HO mail ... what a riot!

Oh birds, they freak me out a bit, but are awfully beautiful, aren't they. when they're not being crazy.

Mrs4444 said...

My friend gave me a couple of bags of cherries that she had pitted and frozen. Her family munches on them like candy. They were delicious!! Not sure if choke cherries have to have sugar to be tolerable, but keep this in mind if you run out of time :)

Loved the FB convo. My SIL HATES birds with a passion. That exchange sounded familiar.

CONGRATULATIONS on the show!!! That is AWESOME! Email me when you get your poll up--I would love to help!

Doreen McGettigan said...

I always get the kid meals for me..don't tell anyone..I have a big box full of the stupid toys and when the grands come over they like looking through them!
Hope you found someone to care for your little hard today to trust anyone..
Hope it all worked out and I hope the working weekend goes quickly for you!

Melanie said...

Aw, poor bird... but LOL about the convo on FB!

Sounds like a busy week for you! Have fuN!

Dysfunctional Mom said...

Poor little bird! I'm glad you got him out safely.
Congrats on that homerun! I think Elayna is going to stay with softball, she was thinking about trying volleyball in the fall but now she's saying she wants to do softball....we'll see! I'm just happy for a break right now!