Monday, July 12, 2010

My own Samson

So I’ve struggled with this for quite some time.
To cut or not to cut….his hair.
I am so in love with this boy’s crazy long curly blonde hair that I can’t bring myself to do it.


We started calling him our Samson.
His strength must be in his hair.
I keep thinking that if we cut it off he’ll not be him anymore.

IMG_1228a IMG_1241a

I think he looks like a little surfer.
When he’s not being called a girl.
Honestly, that’s the only time I feel like cutting it.
I took these pictures in preparation for the big day.
I was all set, clippers in hand….but I couldn’t do it.
What if, when it grows back, it’s not the same.
I’m sure his hair will eventually be darker, maybe the curl will be gone.
I will miss that hair.  I’m trying to save it in pictures.
Daddy has already said he’s given up, he no longer cares if we don’t cut it.
And he’s the military man!

IMG_1238bw IMG_1246a IMG_1254a 

Of course, we’ve never let our son’s hair go that long.
Well, almost never.
And I took care of that sooner.



(How much do you love those freckles?!)


Anonymous said...

Ah, one of the many painful growth experiences - of parenthood. So beautiful are your children!


Kristina P. said...

I think at this length, it's cute! If it gets any longer, then he could possibly be mistaken for a girl.

Dee said...

Ahh..all the hard decisions of being a mom! I remember NEVER wanting to cut Evan's hair, but got sick of him being mistaken for a girl----"but he's to pretty to be a boy"--BLAH! :) Good luck mama!

Gramee said...

I think it is adorable,

My brothers looked just like that,
Until kindergarten, then it got cut.
we were all heartbroken. but mom couldn't let him go to school with it so long but that was in the 70's..

Leanna said...

I LOVE Sampson's hair AND the freckles on M!!! Who care's if other's think he's a girl! I would let C's hair grow if it didn't get knots in it from him being on the floor.

Mrs4444 said...

You've got some cutie pies on your hands, Mel (long or short!)

Ellie said...

Those curls are adorable -- I can see why you don't want to cut them! But don't worry, even if you can't bring yourself to make the decision to cut his hair, sooner or later, HE'll be demanding that you do it! So I woudn't stress too much over it ...