Friday, July 23, 2010

Friday Fragments

The week has zipped by once again.  Mrs. 4444 invites us to invites us to join in cleansing our minds of all those little fragments cluttering up the place.image

  • The hubby and I spent the entire day at his parents’ place canning.  His mom had a million cranberries that we smashed and canned.  We brought strawberries, rhubarb and choke cherries to make jam and syrup!  It was a very productive day!IMG_1539a


  • We still have tons of strawberries to do as well as an entire tree full of choke cherries.  We may set up scaffolding to get to them all.  Yes, they are SO worth the work!
  • Last weekend was the church’s block party.  Max was able to try on a real fireman’s gear.  It was super adorable!  There are lots of awesome pictures HERE on my Flickr page from that day!! (I’m still adding as I post this, too.)


blockparty6  blockparty11

  •   I put up a set of photos I’m considering for display!  Will you help me decide?  Click HERE for the photos and use the poll in the sidebar to vote (or email me or leave a comment!!)  THANKS!!!
  • JC spread most of a bottle of After-Sun lotion all over the couch.  I was somewhat resistant to leather when we got our couch, but after having JC, I am SO glad we did.  I wiped it all up before daddy came home (he ran to the store) so I neglected to take a picture.  It literally happened RIGHT behind my back.  I was on the computer (really?!) and I smelled coconut…..  I turned around to see him swishing his hands around half a gallon of lotion, splashing it all around the living room and carpet!!  Seriously, it was totally silent!!!  He is truly the trouble maker of our kids…I’ve never had such a naughty-sweet-big-bad-baby before!!!
  • We had a big yet quick storm as I was leaving for work Saturday night (same day as the Block Party!) It showered heavily and dropped some pretty big hail!  I was trying to load up the kids to leave when the downpour started.  I ran upstairs while we waited for a break in the rain and I thought I heard the kids slamming the door.  It was actually these things slamming into the roof and window A/C!  Luckily all the windows survived.  My van has little dings all over it.image
  • I’m giving away a cloth diaper for you to try out (or give to someone who would like it!) Please stop by HERE and enter until 7/25!!  


Kristina P. said...

My goodness! That hail could kill someone.

And the jam looks amazing.

brainella said...

Leather furniture has been worth the money many times over!

I'm impressed that all the windows were still in one piece with the size of that hail. Holy cow!

Amy said...

When I grow up, I want to grow my own fruits and veggies and do things like cook from scratch and can. I'll be 40 next month - think I still have time?

Your pics of your little firefighter are adorable!

Karen & Gerard Zemek said...

Wow all the canning! I'd agree you were quite productive all right!

Your little firefighter looks great in that gear.

Stopping by from Friday Fragments.

Ellie said...

Great pix. I voted in your poll, and my absolute fav was the one wear the baby is meeting the family! Great work canning!

Dina @ 4 Lettre Words said...

Wow! That is certainly some hail.

My boys luuuuv all-things firefighting!

Dysfunctional Mom said...

Holy Moly, that is some big hail!