Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Then came the snow

We knew it was coming.  I mean, they predict this stuff over a week in advance, but you never know around here what it will actually be like.  The weather guys said there would be a big storm.  Since we knew it was coming, we knew that where ever we wanted to be for New Years, we’d have to leave a few days early or risk being stuck at home.  We packed up and left, dog and all, for my BFF’s.  We looked out the windows the night we arrived and scoffed at the Mr. Weatherman’s predictions.  “ooh, a little wind!” 

The next day showed us how correct Mr. Weatherman was.  The wind whipped around like a hurricane (average gusts of 38mph!) and the snow blocked out sight.  The thing is, I could not have cared less.  I was completely content to be where I was, with my friend and her family.  We, of course, had some reservations after last year’s incident.  My hubby was concerned enough to call a friend to check on the house and make sure it was still warm, which it was.  There was a 100 care pile up (no one seriously hurt).  The Interstates were closed for days, the snow fell over a foot above what was already on the ground, and the wind drifted snow piles everywhere.  We were stuck, and I didn’t care.  We were warm, we had food, we had games and a fireplace.  snow6snow5

We made s’mores.  It was really a fun time.  Well, fun until we had to use a shovel to open the door again….

Dual snowblowerssnow4snow3


Just to be clear, this porch was free of snow when we left….




Kristina P. said...

We love all the intense snow warnings, and then get about an inch. Awesome.

Anonymous said...

The writing tries goes well.

Is one day when is happy route