Monday, January 17, 2011

Trying to enjoy winter

Its cold.  Really cold.  When I had posted a photo of how much snow we had gotten over the last few weekends, my friend asked why we weren’t out making snowmen.  I had to explain that when its 2° F outside, snow doesn’t really stick together.  Your nose hairs freeze together when you breathe, though.  Also, I don’t much care for playing outside in the snow, even at 30°F.  Just sayin’.  Right now it’s a balmy 13° F (but with the wind chill its actually -4°).  Not my cup of tea.  Or hot chocolate.  I made the effort to take the kids (and two friends) out sledding when it was a little warmer.  By warmer I mean in the 20’s.  It was fun, but Piper got chilly so I took my chance and walked her home while the others stayed out to play. 





They had fun.  (I had to apologize to our friend J for only having pink snow pants to loan him.  He didn’t seem to mind.) I enjoyed going back in the house and getting hot chocolate ready for when they were done.  Piper was glad she didn’t have to stay.  Today it’s too cold for sledding.  Or snowmen.  But its never too cold for hot chocolate and a good movie.

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Kristina P. said...

They definitely look happy!