Friday, March 26, 2010

Friday Fragments

Mommy's Idea

Friday is here and I need to make this fast, but I miss my Fridays with you all so much that I had to post!!  Join Mrs. 4444’s Friday Fragments and Danifred’s Friday Night Leftovers to get all that clutter out for the weekend!!

  • Arrrgh!! I have been working hard to clean up this house, and 4 kids always come along behind me and undo it.  I’m sure you moms know exactly what I’m talking about and I shouldn’t be surprised.  My only frustration is that my hubby has been gone this whole month and I expect him back TOMORROW NIGHT (eee!) and I was hoping the house would at least look a little better than when he left.  Of course there have been some major improvements including the whole downstairs (see HERE) and JC’s room (see here) as well as the area in front of his room.  But I still think its a disaster around here!!!
  • AM’s Destination Imagination tournament is tomorrow and I still need to find someone to watch the 3 younger kids so I can go.  I’m one of the coaches… I kinda have to be there!  My dilemma is that I don’t want to invite some poor high school girl to be at my disaster of a house all day.  bananas, we had no cucumbersI already asked grandma and another friend who regularly watches them.  Busy.  Can I just leave them in the van all 7 hours with a DVD player??
  • Did I mention my hubby’s been gone all month.  We seriously need a date night.   I want to talk to adults again!!
  • Parent teacher conferences went well.  I expected they would.  {brag} My kids are pretty smart ;)  I was disappointed that there was no Maxalicious story this time.  What I was surprised by was that the boy’s grades actually all looked great.  Despite his extreme lack of focus sometimes, he knows his stuff.
  • I’ve been back to my cloth diapers the last few weeks.  Honestly, I’ve missed them.  While we were out of the house it would have just been too much to deal with cloth, so we were buying disposables.  I forgot how much money we would spend on those things!!!  I’ll probably be writing an update soon on how they’ve stood the test of time.
  • I bought “Lego: The Adventures of Clutch Powers” movie from iTunes this week.  Excuse me, (snicker), I'd like to order..We LOVE it!  It’s computer animated Lego minifigs (you know, Lego guys) who move and talk, but are still constrained by Lego issues like “C” shaped hands and having their legs stay stuck in their vehicle when they leap out.   It was a cute movie and I highly recommend it!
  • I need a new book series to get hooked on.  Did Harry Potter, did Twilight.  My friends suggested Sookie Stackhouse.  Any more suggestions??
  • Flood waters are already receding, so I may not loose my husband to the flood fight as soon as he gets home.  Here’s a few shots from near our house (you southerners can get an idea of how thick ice can get on a lake or river).  Don’t worry, the kids are not as close as it looks.

IMG_9169a IMG_9183a


Danifred said...

I LOVE the Bento boxes- I MUST get some :)

I've been trying to desperately to get my house cleaned up and the kids destroy as fast as I clean. It's exhausting!

Anonymous said...

Percy Jackson series by Rick Riordan

Prairiemaid said...

I think a clean house is next to impossible. I would enjoy the kitchen table being cleaned off, for longer than 30 minutes.

Good luck on date night.

Love the pictures.

Carolee / Home4ever said...

Is there anyone out there with kids AND a clean house?

Visiting from Mrs 444's Friday Fragments,

Unknown Mami said...

I think I'm going to try the Sookie Stackhouse books.