Saturday, March 20, 2010

Cleaning the House (Mad Libs Style)

Today ________(person in room) spent the day ________(verb ending in –ing), even though the ________(plural noun) were underfoot.  The ________(pet) was tied up outside all day.  The ________(plural noun) did not want to help, but were told that if they ever wanted to see their ________(favorite toy) again they’d better.  After many utterings of “________(exclaimation)!” we began  ________(verb ending in -ing).  Starting in the ________(room in house), the ________(noun) was scrubbed with a ________(adjective) brush.  Then all the ________(plural noun) were ________(adverb) collected and put in the ________(household appliance).  Even the ________(adjective) ________(plural noun) were taken down and ________(verb ending in –ed), which hasn’t been done in almost  ________(period of time)!  Next the ________(plural noun) were dusted and all the ________(adjective) carpet was vacuumed.  Finally, we ________(verb ending in –ed) the dishes.  At last we could ________(verb)!!