Monday, December 28, 2009

Even so, I’m Thankful (Alternately Titled: Suck it up)

Christmas happens to be my holiday to work this year at the hospital.  No biggie, working nights I can usually forgo some sleep to enjoy the day.  This year, the big storm changed everyone’s plans.

I ended up being stuck at the hospital from Christmas Eve night until the morning of the 26th.  I spent an extra day with a friend until the roads were open for travel.  We had let the kids open presents Christmas Eve morning because we knew I may not be back in time for actual Christmas day.  Certain catastrophe avoided.  Even so, I was melancholy.  I missed my kids, I wanted to be home with them.  I missed my husband whom I see so little already.

When the storm started they began closing roads, but not before accidents happened.  I had watched the news and heard that a couple coming into town had slid sideways into a bridge support.  They were driving 75 mph on the ice with their cruise control.  They bent up their car and their little girl had, according to the newscast, lost consciousness.  The girl and mom went to be checked out while dad was interviewed by the news reporter.  The next morning, the paper reported their 11-month old had died.  It really shocked me.  Here was the dad being interviewed about the icy roads while his daughter was whisked away not realizing these were the last hours of his baby’s life. It was Christmas Eve, ruined forever for that family.  I could not even imagine.

So what if I wasn’t with my kids?  My children were safe at home, alive and well.  Happily playing with new toys and eating the (much better) food their dad was preparing for them.  So what that I slept on a cot?  My bed would be there when I got home.  So what if I only talked to them on the phone for Christmas day.  They were able to talk.  So what if I couldn’t snuggle with my husband on the couch after the kids were tucked in?  He’d be there waiting when I made it home.  We were safe, we were alive.  God is good to us and we need to remember the thank Him in all circumstances.  Even if we think it sucks, He ultimately knows better than we do. 

So what if I didn’t spend Christmas with my husband and kids.  I still had them.  I told myself to suck it up.  I’ll be home soon.



Pam, mom, honey, said...

that is a wonderful attitude. honestly it reminds me of the attitude i try to have when my husband is deployed during the holidays

Kasie said...

what a sweet reminder to be thankful.. in everything.

love the precious photo!

Dee said...

You're right, you're very blessed with your beautiful family. I'm sorry that you had to be away from them for so long though. And I'm in tears over what that family is going through.

Arizona Mamma said...

Isn't it tragic when things like that happen? In our state, there was a horrific accident where siblings died two days before Christmas. One was 17, the other 14. Horrible. I couldn't ever even imagine.

My first visit to your blog. I have a keen interest in learning more about photography, and when I have more time, I want to come check out your phot. blog. ;)

LIL MAMA said...

So amazingly true!

Anonymous said...

That is so sad. What perspective.