Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Dear Mall Santa, I’m sorry…

I always admire the mall Santa.  His job is really quite stressful.  One would think sitting in a chair all day wouldn’t be all that stress inducing, but those that do apparently don’t have kids.  Ever walked past the mile-long line of squirming well dressed toddlers, begging for treats and straining against their parents’ arms to make a run for it?  How’d you like to be the guy responsible for the most miserable day in a toddler’s short memory?  And with that many kids, chance are pretty good that there are some cheap diapers straining to their maximum potential.

While I myself have never taken my kids to the “mall” Santa, we’ve visited our local town Santa.  Since we’ve moved here to our little town they’ve started a Christmas celebration that includes a couple hours of photo ops with Santa.  Last year we went for the first time and JC was too small to care one way or the other.  Piper was old enough to talk into standing near, but not sit with, Santa.  This really is the best anyone can hope for.  No screaming, no crying.

This year I add myself (well, my kids really) to the list of stressors to poor Mall Santa’s life.  Hopefully this man gets paid well for what he does, because I know I couldn’t do it.  I am POSITIVE my husband couldn’t do it.  So today I say “Here’s to you Mall Santa!  May the screams of Christmas NOT be with you year round!”

santa09b Ah, Mall Santa, you have such patience.  Believe me, JC wasn’t the only screamer.  Who goes to work knowing you’re going to make kids cry (hmm, aside from Peds doctors, I suppose)? You can see the kids enjoyed themselves immensely.  At least Aria had a good time with her friends.  She always makes me smile….



Kasie said...

looks like you guys have lots of fun. I'm going to follow along.

Joe and Leanna said...

HaHa...just like you said before...what fun would pics be if everyone was always 'posed' perfectly? Even Aria doesn't look too pleased in the Santa pic...LOL

I love it!

Laura said...

Haha totally agree with you on this one! Your kids are so adorable! It was great meeting you last night, I think Jennifer needs to have us all over again soon. :)

Anonymous said...

While I'm sure children-who-look-like-yours in that photo will not be permanently scarred, I cannot help but wonder what choices they will make for their own children.

As for the mall Santa, natural consequences....

Merry Christmas!