Monday, December 21, 2009

Secret Santa Strikes!!

I came home to find a package sitting below my mailbox.  Being the eBay junkie that I am, I imagined that something I ordered had finally shown up.  The label said eBay….but when in the world did I order THAT?? I quickly surmised (as quickly as my mom brain will let me, which is about 5 minutes and in the mean time the neighbors are starting to wonder if I’m locked out or something) that is must be from my Secret Santa – eee!

I threw my jacket on the dining table and tore into the package!!  Before I could even lift it out I could smell real lavender.  Mmmm! My Secret Santa was checking their list twice!  Here’s my first glimpse:


The little card totally reminded me of Grandma (in a good way!).  Grandma IMG_7131adraws when she’s on the phone and it looked so much like her artwork.  I eagerly pulled out the basket to inspect it!  Isn’t it cute?!  I could see that is was a nice set of bath items and that the lavender was the real deal, not some awful bathroom air freshener! 

The bow took a little work, but I managed :)  Inside I found:  A double pack of Lavender Tea Soak, a neat little Lavender Lotion Bar, a pink-wrapped Lavender and Shea Butter Soap (yes!!) and some almost edible looking Lavender Sugar Scrub! 

IMG_7138a IMG_7137a


I am seriously SO excited to get in the tub and RELAX with all my new bath goodies!!  Thank you Secret Santa, you totally made my day!!

And a big thanks to Georgie and Amy for getting all this together!!

Now, for a glass of wine to go with that Sugar Scrub *wink* !


♥Georgie♥ said...

wow what a wonderful gift box of goodies for pampering yourself-awesome!

Tiffani said...


Jennifer said...

I am soooo glad that you liked your present!!! I really don't know the difference between fake and real lavandar, so I was a bit worried that I got the wrong kind. So glad that I did good! :) I had a lot of fun searching Etsy for just the right gift. I am after all an Etsy adict. Yes. I know. I have issues. :)

Dawn said...

What a wonderful gift!! BTW, I love your photos. = )