Thursday, December 17, 2009

Our First Little Gift

The photo from our second-ever family Christmas card.  The pressure to appear on the photo card disappears!!  Ever since, the kids have taken front and center…on our Christmas cards and in our lives.  Oh, what did I do with all that free time??

Baby Gift 2001

Do you have a photo worth a thousand words? Join TheMomJen at Cheaper Than Therapy to link up and share your pictures!!

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sheila said...

Ahhhh yes...we STILL do the kids on the cards and they are 15,17,19! lol. I will tell you's gonna be tough to get a good shot when the baby's older, ha ha ha!

I remember taking 80 shots and getting only ONE I could use!

This one is a CUTIE!!!!!!! Great card!

Martha in PA said...

Adorable. You know with all the photos I take, I have never sent a photo Christmas card.... Good intentions, but then time just slips away!


Kristina P. said...

So sweet!

The Mom Jen said...

Precious Mel! We have a similar pic of my oldest INSIDE a stocking, she was born in November, so she fit in a normal size stocking and it was in our Xmas letter!! I'll have to find that pic for next week's ATWT!

Have a lovely day!

Just A Mom (Call me JAM for short) said...

The best kind of gift EVER!

Nicolasa said...

How sweet! :-)
Happy ATWT!

Jennifer said...

That is one of the (you know because I have two kids of my own!) sweetest baby pictures I have EVER seen! What a little sweetheart! :) My overies are now aching.