Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Hope for PM

I was truly lifted today. A sweet girl named Molly messaged me on YouTube about videos of PM and that she herself also has hemiplegic CP. Sometimes I think about what PM will be like in school, or as an adult. I wonder if she will be made fun of, if she'll be excluded, hurt. It breaks my heart to think there will be those times, but even regular old kids have those times. I just hope that she will have the right attitude and support to get through it all. Molly mentioned that the Miss Iowa 2008 had CP. I didn't even know! SO I dug around and found this video. If this lovely young woman can compete in Miss America, certainly PM can. PM is such a princess already, I can see this being something she would aspire to!

I wanted to post this, and say THANKS to Molly for giving me a little encouragement that PM truly can do it all. I hope that PM will have Molly's spirit, actually I know she will.

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the RaMbLeR said...

you are right...Piper is already such a pretty princess!!

...and I often wonder similar thought for Roo (although I don't think Dad will encourage the princess part)