Friday, April 3, 2009

Friday Fragments

It's time once again to clear the week of all those little bits of info you really wanted to share, but just couldn't fit them in somewhere else! See other's Friday Fragments at Half Past Kissin Time!

Friday Fragments?

  • My husband has been gone for a week now with the National Guard in Fargo doing the flood fight. I think I've spoken with him 3 times. He says he may be able to come home as early as Sunday...let's hope! By the time he gets home: the 2-year-old will be potty trained, the baby will have sprouted his first 2 teeth!

  • JC's bottom teeth are threatening to break through any day. In the mean time he chomps furiously on anything he can get near his mouth!

  • I plan on travelling to a funeral tomorrow for a good friend tomorrow. Keep us in your thoughts as I'm not sure all the roads are very clear. I heard one area I need to use was upgraded from closed to single lane open (with water on each side!)
  • Although the circumstances are not ideal, I am looking forward to spending time with my BFF as we travel to the funeral. I miss her!
  • Please continue to pray for Stellan and his family!!
  • I REEEAALLLY like cottage-style bacon, our neighbor dropped off a big package of it for us!! Guess what we had for dinner last night....
  • Sewing like crazy - Etsy is almost ready. I made some super cute children's apron/chef hat sets! I just want to have something ready to go!! The Scrabble Tile Pendants are SO cute, I can't wait for everyone to see them!!! Ok, here's a peek..

^ One of my fave's! But they aren't all for me...

^ This one will be sold to benefit our friend Cole's Special Care School fund.

^ This one will be sold in honor of Caroline Vetter and procedes will go to Make-A-Wish, a foundation that was so good to her family!


Kristina P. said...

Those charms are adorable!

Safe driving!

Heather, Sebi, Janson, and Jack said...

Girl, get that site up so I can buy you out! ;) I can't wait to get my hands on those tiles! I LOVE them! As if you have time to do all this...Drive safe, you guys are all in our prayers!

Anonymous said...

Have a safe trip tomorrow!

Mrs4444 said...

Sorry it took me a day to get here!! Better late than never, though, right (thanks for playing FF this week :)

I'm so sorry you lost your friend. I've been praying for her and her family...

I have no idea what "cottage style" bacon is...? I love thinking about those cute little drooly gums-Don't be afraid to take a pic :)