Tuesday, September 21, 2010


I’m not sure what it is about trains, but it seems like plenty of little boys gravitate toward them.  My boys are no exception.  Max has sort of grown out of “choo-choos”, trading them in for video games and Legos, but JC has really become interested in them.  This summer I had to chase JC down when he tried to escape the baseball practice field and run toward the train half a mile in the distance (I caught him, BTW).  He loves to play with Max’s handed-down Thomas trains.  He also loves that we only live a block from real trains.  Every time we get to see them go by he gets excited…


Piper on the other hand…..not so thrilled.



brainella said...

Oh, Yes! My son started in with trains before he could walk. Then there was Thomas. We went to Thomas' Day Out a couple times -- very worth it if you have the chance. We had great fun. Dominic, four years later, still plays with his trains, track and accessories.

Anonymous said...

My son loves them too. Funny, during his eval and IEP, they couldn't believe he can name all the Thomas and Friends engine. Me, on the other hand, is more like Piper, ;)