Friday, September 24, 2010

Friday Fragments

It seems like it was just Monday, and now another week has gone by. Mrs. 4444 offers us a chance to purge ourselves of all those little bits and pieces in Friday Fragments!

Friday Fragments
  • Both kids ended up in the parade.  Our former neighbors (LOVE them!) asked if the kids would throw candy from the little Lions Club float, since Max was already engaged as Mr. Sunflower, Aria invited her friend to join her.  Her friend was thrilled!


  • I’m not sure how an 8-year-old girl gets the title of “Ms.”.  Max was excited to throw candy and wave at us as he went by!
  • Grandpa came to watch the parade through his home town. The nice thing about the parade is that is comes right by our house, we just have to sit in the yard and wait for the candy to roll in.  Piper did a great job of collecting it.  A certain person running for a local office came by with yardsticks for the adults (yay!).  Grandpa and JC had a sword fight.
  • Our church’s 20th  Anniversary went well and we had a great turn out.  I took a picture of the nursery I was working on since I forgot last week.  I have a lot more to do.  Like animals.  I’m thinking giraffes were not the only things on the arc.  As if two year olds care, sitting back there critiquing my work.

  • I signed up for Extreme Home Makeover volunteer duty!!!  The show will be in town in October (I consider the nearest large town “in town”).  I also offered my services as a professional photographer.  I really hope they call me for either one!  I’ll keep you posted!
  • Aria has the funniest sense of humor of any 8-year-old I know….. Let me share a few drawings:

AriaAlienAbductionAlien Abduction

AriaPukingRobotPuking Robot (those are nuts and bolts falling out)

  • That’s about all I’ve got.  I have tons of photos to edit and get out by this weekend to make room for new sessions!! I love to be busy!!


brainella said...

I love those drawings. My son draws pictures of R2-D2 constantly -- that and spaceships. So fun. Our fridge is covered with drawings.

I love that the kids were in the parade. It's so fun!

Have a great weekend.

Kristina P. said...

Her drawings are hilarious! And she's actually really good!

Anonymous said...

The only thing I can say about Extreme Home Makeover is WOW!!! Thant shows inevitably makes me cry EVERY time I watch it! What they do for those families is so amazing! They are truley changing lives :) Hope you get the call as well.

Aria's drawings are definately funny! Who knows, one day she many be the illustrator and writer of some of the funniest comics out there... Cultivate her love of drawing!

Anonymous said...

Please excuse my horrible spelling, I was in a hurry, and distracted by the kids!